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* WAITING AREA: Fully open Waiting Area

*SUPPORT/EXTRA PEOPLE: Please come to your appointment alone. No one is allowed inside the spa that isn't actively receiving a service. No Minors unless receiving a service.

*MASKS: Optional, Unless you are recovering from Covid 19 within the last 14 Days.

*TRAVEL: No appointments should be made for clients who have traveled out the country within a 10 day quarantine period.

*SICKNESS: If you are sick or have been around anyone who is sick PLEASE reschedule for 14 days from then. No cancellation fees will apply.

*CONTACTLESS PAY: This is encouraged, but not mandatory. You can add your credit card to your appointment and store It on file during the confirmation of your appointment. Also Apps like, Cash App or Venmo can be used from your phone. I will continue to accept Cash or Credit cards for those who haven't taken this step.

*Clients should be prepared to have their temperature taken upon entry, if there is reasonable doubt.

*Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the entry door, including the treatment room.

*Hand washing with anti-bacterial soap recommended at the start of the appointment.

*EPA certified cleaners used to clean all surfaces frequently.

*Full Routine Sanitation is preformed after EACH client including door knobs, counters, chairs, POS screen, credit card machine and light fixtures..

* All linen and towels are one-client use before being laundered.

*Gloves are used for every service.

*All Spa Implements are sanitized with Barbacide Liquid submersion and Cavicide wipes after EACH client.

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