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Intimate Bleaching

Anal or Vaginal Bleaching

First things first, my products have no hydroquinone in them. I use Kojic acid, Lactic acid and also a product By Action Body called "Anal Bleach". It's made specifically for the intimate areas. The process is fairly simple and fairly quick. 

I do a cleansing with microdermabrasion scrub, Apply the acids then the bleach. There is a slight tingling that comes along with the process from the acids but no pain. I recommend a series of three (3) for the ultimate results, but you usually start to see a change after even the first time. Depending on how dark the area is some clients have to go beyond 3 but not very many. Many clients do the 3 series and take a 3-4 month break and repeat the process. 

The key to success is doing all three treatments within six weeks. I space the appointments at two weeks apart and as long as you're not doing anything to further aggravate the area, such as excessive friction like shaving or heavy exfoliation, I've had about an 85% success rate. It's definitely not a quick fix because I do it safely. 

Lactic acid, which is an acid that is specifically for dark pigmentation. Lactic is an acid that works on the deeper levels of the skin. After the first appointment (day 1), you will see a slight change but the most drastic changes come in the days to follow. 

RETAIL: I recommend an at-home lightening cream that aids in the lightening process called "Pink Madison". its a topical cream that is to be applied daily in between treatments. Though not mandatory, it is incredibly helpful and can shorten the total process.


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